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THERMOL  an eco-friendly multi-functional fuel additive is a product of Abhitech Energycon Limited developed in association with the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay.

THERMOL contains a unique combustion improver and other components, which functions in Both Pre Combustion and During Combustion Phase and can be used with all liquid fuels such as Furnace Oil, LSHS, LDO,and various grades of marine fuels.

THERMOL can be used in various applications such as  Boilers/ Thermic Fluid Heaters, Thermo Pack, Furnaces , DG Sets, Marine vessels.

The core technology of THERMOL  helps in complete combustion of fuels and also helps in maintaining cleanliness of the entire fuel system components.

THERMOL is completely organic, non-hazardous, environmental friendly, non-corrosive.

THERMOL has been established as the most unique and effective fuel oil additive in the industrial sector both in India and abroad.

Today, number of prestigious companies from industry sectors like Pharmaceutical, Steel Rolling Mills, Chemical, Shipping , Hotel are regularly using THERMOL, to derive various benefits.

In today’s era of global competition and continued escalation in fuel prices, THERMOL is the best tool for an organization to reduce the cost of production and improve the profitability.
Reduction in consumption of fuel oil by 3 – 5 %
Improvement in combustion efficiency
Removal of carbon deposits from the system
Reduction in corrosion
Reduction in emissions
Prevents sludge formation
Converts upto 60% of existing sludge into usable oil
Reduction in maintenance cost
Improvement in environment by reducing harmful emissions
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