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Sugar mills world over have been using Bagasse traditionally for internal generation of power. Due to depressed prices of sugar and increasing requirement of all biomass fuels, sugar mills are looking at Bagasse as another revenue generation source.

Similarly, Co-generation with Bagasse-fired boilers has become increasingly important in the sugar industry.

Any excess generation of Bagasse, over that required during the season will help the sugar mills not only to prolong the co-generation, but also to earn more profit by way of reduction in internal Bagasse consumption as well as by exporting more power during peak requirement.

THERMACT-B , a multifunctional solid fuel additive developed by Abhitech in association with IIT Bombay , is being successfully used by many sugar mills and is helping the sugar industry in meeting both the needs viz. reducing the Bagasse consumption as well as improving the combustion efficiency. This additive can be used with all solid fuels such as Bagasse, Rice Husk, Wood Chips etc.

In today’s era of competition and continued escalation in input cost and reduction in margins, THERMACT-B multifunctional combustion improver additive is the best tool for Sugar industry to reduce the cost, improve the Boiler Efficiency thereby increasing Co Generation and improve the profitability.

THERMACT-B is currently being used by prestigious sugar mills, in India and Brazil.

Increase in Combustion efficiency
Reduction in consumption of Bagasse by 4–5%
Reduction in unburnts in fly and Bottom ash
Reduction in clinker formation
Reduction in maintenance cost
Reduction in stack emissions and SPM
Reduction in excess Air requirement
Increase in Furnace temperature
Reduced fluctuation in Steam Parameters
Reduction in operational problems due to high moisture in Bagasse
Continuity in the plant operation, hence improvement in power generation
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