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Cost of  Coal in power sector forms the major part of the total production cost of electricity. With the continued escalation in the price of coal, the generation cost of electricity has been going upward.

The higher unburnts in fly and bottom ash, SPM & SOx levels have been the major problems for power industry from the environmental point of view.

Similarly formation of Clinker and slag is a major problem faced by majority of power plants. This acts as a major constraint in selection of coal , especially in situations where the utility company is forced to go for low ranking coal.

In such a scenario, the need of the hour is to reduce the cost of fuel as well as the emission levels and overcome operational problems.

THERMACT, a multifunctional solid fuel additive, developed by Abhitech Energycon in association with  IIT, Bombay , is the product which meets the above need.

THERMACT a multifunctional thermo-active powder, specially developed to improve the combustion efficiency of solid fuels used in Thermal Power generation.

THERMACT contains proprietary combustion catalyst which help in complete combustion of coal thereby reducing the unburnt particles in ash. THERMACT also helps in reduction of SPM.

The unique catalyst present in THERMACT  takes advantage of the inherent moisture present in solid fuels to generate gases like CO , H2 and Oxygen which help in extraction of more heat from the fuel. THERMACT also helps in reduction of excess air requirement  there by  preventing heat losses.

One of the  major benefit of THERMACT is the elimination of Slag and Clinker formation.

This helps in reduction of  problems related to combustion and  associated costs of energy generation.

THERMACT is currently being used by prestigious coal based power plants not only in India but also in countries like Hungary , Brazil etc.

Reduction in coal consumption
Reduction in unburnts in bottom ash & fly ash
Elimination of Slag and Clinker
Reduction in excess air
Reduces harmful pollutants
Continuity in the Power Plant Operations

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