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  Abhitech’s products are based on technology developed in association with prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT - Bombay).  
  We, at Abhitech, are continuously working with IIT,Bombay, to bring out revolutionary products to solve fuel related problems to improve the environment, we live in.
  The Product range includes tailor made products developed taking into account the deficiencies of various fuels like Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene, Furnace oil, LSHS, LDO, Bagasse, Coal, Lignite , Rice Husk Bio Mass etc. to improve their combustion efficiency there by improving the performance of various applications like Boilers, Furnaces, Automobiles, Mining Equipment, Sugar Mills, Coal based Power Plant.  
  The core technology of our products helps in complete combustion of fuels and also helps in maintaining cleanliness of the entire fuel system there by improving the overall efficiency and reducing the cost associated with the Fuels.  
  All Abhitech products are based on the ingredients which are purely organic in nature. The products do not contain any hazardous ingredients nor after burning they emit any hazardous gas or hazardous ash.  
  Our THERMACT range of products for solid fuels , also helps in reducing the slag and clinker formation in boilers thereby helping to improve heat absorption efficiency. This leads to improving the Steady state efficiency, which helps in more efficient use of the heat produced due to the better combustion.  
  The combined effect of these actions lead to improving the equipment efficiency, Leading to efficient use of Fuel.  
  Our Products also help in reduction of environmental pollution by reducing emission of harmful gases like SPM , CO,  etc.  
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