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  Abhitech Energycon Limited,  
  through its innovative technology, is involved in conservation of all types of fuels - be it solid or petroleum and solving problems associated with combustion of these fuels.
  The Company’s products are useful in the field of energy conservation and pollution control.
  Abhitech products are aimed at solving the problems related to combustion of various fuels and reduce associated cost by ensuring complete combustion of the fuels and reducing emissions.
  Our company has also been accredited with ISO 9001:2000 certification.
  Industries like Pharmaceutical, Steel, Sponge iron, Chemical,, Automobiles, Shipping , mining, Hotel, Sugar and Power plants etc are using our products since last 10 years. It is their testimonials over many years that has been the catalyst that continues to drive the company to even more innovations.
  Our products are also being exported to more than 15 countries like Brazil, Dubai, Hungary, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan , Singapore, Sri Lanka.
  In today’s era of global competition and continued escalation in fuel prices, THERMOL and THERMACT range of products are the best tool for an organization to reduce the cost of production and improve the profitability and also help in preservation of environment by reducing pollution.
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