for Sponge Iron Plants
Cost of coal in sponge iron industry forms the major part of the total production cost. With the continued escalation in the price of coal the generation cost of sponge iron has been going upward. In such a scenario, the need of the hour is to reduce the cost of fuel as well as the emission levels.
THERMACT, a multifunctional solid fuel additive, developed by IIT, Mumbai, is the product which meets the above need. It is a multifunctional thermo-active powder, specially developed to improve the combustion efficiency of solid fuels used in Thermal Power Plants, Steel, Cement and other heavy industries. It also reduces the problems related to combustion and its associated costs of energy generation.

THERMACT contains proprietary combustion catalyst which help in complete combustion of coal thereby reducing the unburnt particles and black smoke emissions .
Packing & Dosing
Environmental Concern